Our artisan award winning British Cheese range is specially sourced from small scale producers who value the quality of their cheese and whose practices sustain our environment.

Appletree Farm Whole Milk

Non-Homogenised whole milk from Appletree Farm.  Amazingly creamy, rich and refreshing. The milk is left in its natural form which means the cream rises to the top. Made the traditional way, naturally nutritious and a great source of protein.  Our milk is in 1ltr returnable glass bottles.  By returning your bottles they can be reused which is not only sustainable but helps to keep the price of the milk down.

Fen Farm Skyr Yoghurt


Icelandic Style Yoghurt, virtually fat free and packed with protein.  This all natural skyr yoghurt is hand made using the fresh morning milk from the dairies herd of grass fed Montbeliarde cows, nothing else is added to their yoghurts. Making it in the traditional way is a labour of love. To achieve that beautifully silky texture and creamy consistency, the skyr is strained through natural cheescloths. This creates a completely natural finish and preserves the delicate milky flavours.

Available in the following flavours:

Natural | Gooseberry & Elderflower ­| Blackcurrant | Redcurrant, Rhubarb & Vanilla

Fen Farm Bungay Butter

This is an exceptional butter, made using raw milk and cultured to make it kind for your gut.  Bungay Raw Milk butter is the UK’s only raw Farmhouse butter.  It is made by hand at Fen Farm Dairy using traditional methods.  The milk from the grass-fed cows is rich and high in protein which produces beautiful creamy and complex flavours.  A true farmhouse butter.


Fen Farm Cultured Cream


A cultured cream unlike anything you have tasted before.  Made using fresh warm cream from Fen Farm Dairy’s grass-fed cows which is cultured giving it a unique buttery, sharp flavour. Use this to make fabulous sauces, pasta, bakes and puddings or simply spooned from the tub with something sweet.