We have selected a selection of fine artisan bread and pastries from Born and Bread.


Overnight White

This is a sourdough hybrid, using a young white sourdough starter combined with a pinch of fresh yeast and a little oil to help produce a bloomer loaf with a twist.

Buckby Sourdough

This is a blend of white, wholemeal and rye flours.  A lively rye starter is used to give the bread its rise and distinctive flavour profile.

Wholemeal Sourdough

A sourdough boule made from a blend of wholemeal, rye and a small amount of white flour.  A mixed sourdough starter gives this loaf its flavour and texture.

Seeded Granary Tin

This is made using a blend of flours, plenty of wholemeal, a little white and some malt flour for added flavour, honey is added along with mixed seeds for good measure. This is not a sourdough.

White Rolls

Using the same dough as the overnight white to produce a crusty roll.


Sourdough baguettes, crisp on the outside with a light centre. The perfect baguette.



Rich and buttery with delicate layers. 

Pain Aux Chocolate

Rich layered pastry with a dark chocolate centre.

Pain Aux Raison

Laminated pastry surrounds beautifully plump raisons and silky vanilla crème patisserie.