Why Choose Grass Fed Beef

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The finger of blame for global emissions is definitely pointed at livestock.

It’s not about eating no meat, it’s about eating the right meat.  Good animal welfare means you give the animals the opportunity to express instinctive behaviour.  Cows were born to roam and graze – pigs to root and wallow – chickens to scratch and peck.  When managed holistically livestock play a critical role in conservation and biodiversity.

Using regenerative farming methods helps to rejuvenate the soil.  By introducing grasses, herbs and clovers that build soil organic matter, which is then grazed on rotation, fertilises the soil, resulting in a balanced natural eco system.  By grazing our animals on a rotational system means the land is given time to regenerate.  The cattle graze taking up all the nutritional value of the grasses, the manure returned to the pasture provides food for insects and billions of soil bacteria which create sustainable biodiversity.  By helping to balance the natural eco system we regenerate topsoil, increase biodiversity, improve water cycles and increase resilience to climate function.

While producing good grass fed beef we are actually pulling down greenhouse gases, as opposed to emitting greenhouse gases.  Regenerative farming means more carbon is stored in the soil than grass fed cows emit during their lifetime.  There is 50% more wildlife on farms that produce meat, dairy and grow crops in a natural way, without the use of chemical fertilisers.  The soil is wonderfully healthy, storing more carbon, which helps to compact global warming.

By choosing to eat locally produced grass fed beef you can not only eat some of the greatest tasting meat, you are also helping to nourish our planet.

Our mission at Dodds Manor Farm is to produce great tasting, high quality meat, farmed in an ethical way which supports our natural environment.

Support local independent producers who like us work with nature, not against it.  Eat meat the sustainable way.